Community Board 14 committees do much of the planning work for the items that are raised at monthly Board meetings. These meetings are open to public attendance. Committees include both appointed Board members and public members. The Board encourages interested, non-Board members of the public to apply to join or work on Board committees. Each committee may have up to three public members who are appointed by the Board Chair in consultation with committee co-chairs.

All appointed public members of a committee may vote on any issue discussed at the committee meeting; however, only Board members may vote at the regular monthly meetings.

CB14 has 6 topical committees and may have ad-hoc committees, task forces, or working groups that are formed to with a specific mission or to focus on a particular topic. These committees/sub-committees are generally disbanded after they serve their purpose or absorbed by a topical committee.

CB14 Topical Committees

Community Environment, Cultural Affairs and Economic Development

Community Safety

Housing and Land Use

Human Services


Youth Services, Education and Libraries

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