Resources for Tenants

If you are facing problems with your apartment (lack of heat & hot water, leaks, structural damage, harassment) call 311 to report the issue. 311 will report the problem to the appropriate agency. Report your issue and 311 number to Community Board 14 for further assistance and follow up.

Know Your Rights:

Looking for Affordable housing?

Visit NYC Housing Connect (NYC) or (NY State) to find and apply for affordable rental and homeownership opportunities. You can find more information about how to apply at this website

Neighborhood Tenant Organizations:

Flatbush Tenant Coalition

  • A member-led group of tenant associations working to build tenant power and improve the lives of tenants so families have safe, decent, and affordable housing. FTC organizes and supports tenant associations and develops tenant leaders.

Brooklyn Housing & Family Services

  • Brooklyn Housing & Family Services helps residents of Brooklyn solve their housing problems, protects families, and prevents homelessness through stabilizing and preserving existing housing stock and defending the rights of minority, elderly, low-income, and immigrant tenants.

Fifth Avenue Committee

  • Fifth Avenue Committee works to advance economic, social and racial justice in NYC through community centered affordable housing, grassroots organizing, policy advocacy, transformative education, training, and services.
    • 718-237-2017

Churches United for Fair Housing (CUFFH)

  • CUFFH is a grassroots advocacy organization that provides affordable housing services and integrated social resources. Provides one-on-one application assistance including information and training needed to obtain affordable housing, as well as referrals for services including credit repair, tenants rights, legal support and more.

City Resources

New York City Tenant Resource Portal

  • The city has created a tenant resource portal to provide residents facing eviction and other problems with resources to stabilize their housing situation. 

Freeze Your Rent (SCRIE and DRIE)

  • The NYC Rent Freeze Program, which includes the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) and Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) Programs, helps eligible residents stay in affordable housing by freezing their rent. Property tax credits cover the difference between the actual rent amount dn what the tenant is responsible for paying

The ABCs of Housing

Provided by:
Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD)
Housing Assistance
Resource for:
Homeowners,  Landlords,  Tenants
The ABCs of Housing is HPD's guide to housing rules and regulations for owners and tenants. Owners and tenants have legal responsibilities to each other. This booklet is designed to help owners and tenants gain an understanding of the rules and regulations affecting housing, and to provide information about how to receive assistance. Inside the guide you will find information about owners' and tenants' rights and responsibilities, staying in your apartment safely, resources for new affordable housing or rental assistance, and useful contact information for other housing related issues. Owner's and tenant's versions are available in English, Arabic / العربية, Bengali / বাংলা, Chinese (Simplified) / 简化字, French / français, Haitian-Creole / Kreyòl ayisyen, Korean / 한국어, Polish / polski, Russian / Русский язык, Spanish / Español, Urdu / اردو

More info at:

Posted on: • Please note that this resource may no longer be current. Please contact the provider for the most up to date information.


Who Owns What?

  • Use this website to find out who owns your building,  how many units there are, how many violations your building has, and link to building documents. A great resource to start your search

Displacement Alert Portal by ANHD

  • Use this portal to find out information about your building, zip code, or district. Datasets include complaints, problems, and violations from the Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), Department of Buildings (DOB), housing court cases, evictions, permits, and litigation against the landlord. 

ACRIS (Automated City Register Information System)

  • The City Register allows you to search property records including mortgages, sales, deeds, coop purchases,  and other legal documents. You will need to look up your BBL number (Borough/Block/Lot), which you can do via ACRIS or on Who Owns What.

Top 100 Worst Landlords Watchlist 

  • The Office of the Public Advocate’s Worst Landlord Watchlist is an information-sharing tool that allows tenants, public officials, advocates, and other concerned people to identify which residential property owners consistently flout city laws intended to protect the rights and safety of tenants. 

Last updated 4/18/2023 – Please report to CB14 any link that no longer works or program that has lapsed.

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