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Use the form below to submit your service requests, complaints, or an update on an existing matter.

In general, anything that involves a City agency. The following are examples:

  • Abandoned/derelict vehicles
  • Building or housing code violations
  • Clogged catch basins
  • Missed garbage collection or street sweeping
  • Missing or damaged traffic signs
  • Park maintenance
  • Potholes and broken sidewalks
  • Social services problems
  • Street lights out
  • Street tree replacements
  • Zoning violations, such as commercial use in a residential zone

Keep in mind the following:

  • File with a specific address when possible.
  • File a complaint with 311 first: We are often better able to follow up on your request if you can provide a 311 (or DOT or Parks, if appropriate*) complaint reference number and build a request history within City systems.
  • Document your complaint: Keep notes about your concern, using as much detail as possible and record the date/time of each occurrence/incident.
  • Collect photo or video evidence: This can help substantiate the details of the issue. Do your best to take clear photos and videos.

Once you have collected this information, please fill out the form below:

Alternatively, you may submit your request via email to, by phone to 718-859-6357, or by fax to 718-421-6077 or by mail to 810 East 16th Street, Brooklyn NY 11230.

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