DEP Announces Incentive to Enroll in Autopay

DEP has announced a time-limited incentive. A $100 credit is being offered to eligible customers who opt to enroll in autopay before November 15. Autopay participants will have their billing amounts automatically deducted from their designated bank account or credit card. Only property owners can enroll in autopay, monthly billing, and e-billing.

To be eligible for the $100 credit, property owners to sign up through their My DEP account and maintain their account in good standing. Specifically, customers must remain current on their bills and continue to utilize the autopay, e-billing, and monthly billing services for a period of six months following the application of the credit.

We invite you to learn more about this opportunity to simplify your billing process while contributing to environmental objectives. For further details and enrollment instructions, please visit, DEP’s social media channel @NYCWater, or call DEP Customer Service at (718) 595-7000.

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