Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign

Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign

Managing Agency:
MTA-NYC Transit
Location: Brooklyn
Summary Description: This project is part of MTA's effort to modernize New York City’s bus network and improve bus service borough by borough, with the goal of meeting customers’ priorities: frequent service, faster travel, reliable service, better connections, and an easy ride.
Status: Proposed
- Planning

The MTA is currently engaged in a borough-wide project to redesign Brooklyn’s bus network to improve speed, reliability, and ease of use for bus riders. This multi-year project focuses on addressing customer priorities including frequent and reliable service, faster travel, better connections and ease of use by simplifying the bus network, enhancing connectivity, improving frequency, balancing bus stops, and expanding bus priority with the NYC Department of Transportation.

Rider and resident input is crucial to this project. Residents can submit comments on the project via the MTA bus redesign network website. They can also submit feedback and comments through the MTA’s on-street outreach and engagement. These comments and feedback will be incorporated into the proposed final plan.

CD14 Routes Proposal – February 23, 2023

Review and Update on Project Status – March 26, 2024


Image displaying next steps of the Brooklyn Bus Redesign:

Spring 2023

The MTA will continue to perform on-street outreach and engagement throughout the borough, particularly at these intersections: Avenue J and East 16th Street, Nostrand Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, Coney Island Avenue and Church Avenue, and Church Avenue at 18th Street.

Winter – Spring 2023

MTA held public workshops for all Community Districts in Brooklyn.

CB14’s meeting took place on February 23, 2023. During this meeting the MTA shared their plans for the bus network redesign, highlighting approximately 35 local and express bus lines that currently run through our district or are proposed to run through our district. A powerpoint with those bus lines is available below.
Hard copies of the draft plan are available at local public libraries, senior centers, and community board offices, including the CB14 office.
Proposed routesInteractive proposed local mapInteractive proposed express map

Summer 2021 – Fall 2022

Project paused to COVID-19

Winter 2020

MTA conducted data analysis and public outreach and published a report on existing bus conditions.

Fall 2019

Project launched.

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