Free Legal Services on Lease Issues for Small Businesses

Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A

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The Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A, recently launched a free virtual legal clinic for small business owners. This resource offers business owners the opportunity to meet with an attorney in a 30-minute session to discuss needs related to their commercial lease—including lease renewal, termination, negotiating a sublet, landlord harassment, and more.

Need help with a business lease in NYC? Free legal services are available to help eligible* businesses with the following:

  1. Signing a new commercial lease
  2. Amending, renewing, or terminating an existing commercial lease
  3. Addressing a commercial lease-related issue.
    To be eligible to participate your business must be a small business located in NYC, not be a franchise establishment, and you must meet the income eligibility requirements of the legal service provider.

Sign up for a 30-minute free virtual session with an attorney.

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