The Department of Buildings is increasing its education and outreach efforts to help New Yorkers resolve open DOB-issued summonses related to their properties through our new Get Summonses Corrected (GSC) campaign.

DOB’s Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU) started host virtual and in-person events to assist individuals experiencing difficulties with certifying correction of violations at their properties. The goal of the campaign is to get more summonses certified as corrected by increasing the public’s awareness of the need to certify correction and educating them on the process of certifying correction. The Department would like to introduce the campaign to homeowners, new home buyers, and other stakeholders who are undoubtedly impacted when a summons is issued or remains unresolved on a property.

Open violations on a property can be a serious impediment to selling a property or qualifying for a mortgage, and can even result in additional follow up enforcement actions from DOB. Some open violations are indicative of ongoing hazardous conditions at a building. By resolving DOB-issued summonses and violations, owners can ensure their property has a clean bill of health.


CB14 posts community events on behalf of the organizers to help get the word out. Please note that this information may be out of date. Always contact the organizers to verify dates and locations and for up to date details, or if you would like more information.

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