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Protecting Our Seniors from Fraud & Scams of the Future

Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke
Medgar Evers College 1638 Bedford Avenue, 2nd floor Dining Room, Brooklyn 11225

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AI could turbocharge fraud and scams. Learn how to combat fraud, scams and protect your information!

The most powerful people on the planet don’t really know what to make of Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, as it quickly becomes one of the most significant new technologies in human history.

But criminals sure do.

The next generation of bandits comes armed with sophisticated new tools and techniques that are capable of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from people like you. And AI could turbocharge the dangers of fraud and scams.

Join Congresswoman Clarke and the folks from AARP and The Office NYS Attorney General Tish James for a presentation and workshop on the dangers of fraud, and scams, and how to recognize and avoid different kinds of scams!

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