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The Flats Community Soil Testing

Brooklyn Level Up
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East Flatbush, Flatbush, and Flatlands (“The Flats”) are vibrant neighborhoods with rich histories and dynamic futures. Part of empowering community is knowing our collective history and current conditions so we can discover and organize for solutions.  Community residents in the Flats often grow vegetables at home for family and friends.  But, did you know that East Flatbush, in particular, has the 3rd highest rate of lead content in in soil in NYC?!  That makes growing root vegetables like radish, yams, onion, carrots, or leafy greens potentially unsafe.  This is why Brooklyn Level Up is teaming up with Brooklyn College’s Urban Soils Lab to work toward building a healthier, safer community.  By testing your soil, you are taking a significant step in ensuring the safety of your home-grown food.  Letting us collect this data, allows us to work towards finding and advocating for policy and mitigation solutions to protect our whole community in the long run.  


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